Friday, December 16, 2005

Gatineau Candidate Patrick Robert

I've updated this post on Quebec Conservatives with the Gatineau Candidate:

At 25 years of age, Patrick Robert already has some valuable political experience. He grew up in Gatineau and completed his studies in the region. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science (University of Ottawa) and in social science. He has been working as a political research consultant for several years.

Mr. Robert also acquired some very relevant experience working in the federal public service over the years. In addition, together with two other partners he founded a company specializing in the promotion of special events. He is actively involved in his community, especially for amateur sports, and plans to put his experience and enthusiasm to good use in serving the people in the Gatineau riding.

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At 16/12/05, Blogger Shameer Ravji said...

Francoise Boivin needs to be taken out, and fast.

At 17/12/05, Blogger Brandon said...

I just came up with this:

Feel free to use it


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