Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Martin has said in the past (and will say in future - last week of the campaign is my bet) that Harper would take away a woman's right to chose. I'm not going to wait and am jump starting the issue now.

Here are the parties stances on this issue.

The google searches to verify what I've posted (search soon - most of the pages are getting quickly deleted)


NDP is the only one which is offically pro-choice.
Conservative Party - free vote on issues of conscience.
Liberal Party - No references to issues such as abortion in their platform or web site. Only mention is of the Harper is scary and will take it away type. (Who has the hidden agenda now, Mr. Martin!)

Will the parties carry through? Check the result of the Same Sex Marriage vote.

NDP - whipped vote - only MP who voted against lost her critic position and nomination.
Conservative - free vote - no repercussions for those who voted for or against.
Liberal - half-whipped - back benchers voted freely (30 against) and a whipped vote for cabinet. Joe Comuzzi, resigned from the cabinet so he could vote against the bill.

So if you are Pro-Choice and this is a very important issue for you - vote NDP.
If you are pro-choice or pro-life and support a free vote on this issue - Vote Conservative.
Everyone else - vote Green!

My views (for those interested):

Abortion is a grey area - I support a women's right to chose - hopefully at the earliest stage possible of pregnancy. I also support "fetus" rights in cases where a wanted baby is killed or seriously hurt in a wilful act by a third party. i.e. Scott Peterson case; cases where people try to steal the fetus etc.

My bet is that no party really wants to touch this issue with a 100 foot pole as it is very divisive and any movement on this issue - like Same Sex Marriage - will be forced on parliament by the courts. I support a free vote or referendum as I do not believe this is a "political" issue and it should not be used as platform to scarify the public into voting for your party or against the opposition. It is societal issue and politics should be removed from the debate as much as possible.

I support Same Sex Marriage; however, I support (and signed a petition) for either a free vote or a referndum on this issue for the same reasons as above.


At 29/11/05, Blogger Dauphin said...

There are two consitent and defensible positions on abortion:

1. In my personal judgement, the fetus is not a human person, and thus human rights do not apply to it. At the exact second 100% of the fetus' body exits the womb, it becomes human and has human rights.

2. It is scientific truth that human life begins at the first appearance of human genetic code, thus the fetus is a human being and its human rights should be protected.

Arguments like age of viability (when it can live outside the womb) and brainwaves have serious flaws. It is impossible to justify believing abortion is ok sometimes and not others.

At 29/11/05, Blogger Dauphin said...

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At 29/11/05, Blogger Dauphin said...


The Conservative party has adopted #1, and should clarify that.

At 30/11/05, Anonymous Joe Lamerde said...

"The Conservative party has adopted #1, and should clarify that."

No the Conservative Party has adopted neither - to say so is a lying.

What part of Free Vote do people not understand.

At 30/11/05, Blogger pale said...

"It is impossible to justify believing abortion is ok sometimes and not others."

I guess this means that I do not exist. Therefore, this blog does not exist.

So how'd you get here?

At 30/11/05, Blogger Candace said...

from after the CPC convention

"...Harper promised not to introduce anti-abortion legislation as prime minister – a decision that 55 per cent of delegates voted to support on Saturday.

Delegates also abandoned party platform planks that called for:

* Referendums on constitutional amendments and on issues of national importance.
* The creation of a citizens assembly to adopt proportional representation.
* Holding elections on fixed dates.
* Allowing members of Parliament to be recalled.

Opposition to same-sex marriage upheld

Delegates voted three-to-one on Saturday in favour of a policy that would see a Conservative government introduce legislation to enshrine the traditional definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman..."


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