Saturday, May 21, 2005

Peter Mackay on Sports Radio

I was listening my local sports radio station and Peter Mackay was being interviewed. He made some interesting sports analogies on the events of the past week. He compared the Stronach defection to getting ready for game seven of the Stanely Cup final and having one of your best players and assistant captain getting up after the pregame skate and walking over to the other dressing room and to join the other team.

On the Libreral market party - the radio host compared it to celebrating after game 1 of a 7 game series. Peter said that an election compaign is like the playoffs and so it was more like the Librerals were partying after a regular season win. He also mentioned that it does not look like Paul Martin will have enough steam finish a campaign.

Some humour as well - the host asked if could help broker a deal between the NHL and the NHL PA and Peter said "Don't go there!"

Overall, a great interview for Peter and the CPC's.


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