Friday, September 23, 2005

Is Cabinet an option?

Another Tory bites the dust!

"The federal Liberals have recruited a Tory member of the Manitoba legislature to run against Conservative health critic Stephen Fletcher in the next election.

John Loewen (LAY-ven), the Conservative member for Fort Whyte, was accompanied by senior Manitoba Liberal Reg Alcock as he announced his move."

This reverse take over is really working well! Pretty soon we'll own the Liberal party - then it's Secret Agenda time!


At 25/9/05, Blogger Question Period said...

You don't seem to have much confidence in Steven Fletcher.

At 25/9/05, Anonymous pale said...

No - my point would be that the best candidates the Liberal's can come up with are former Conservatives.

Must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel in terms of actual Liberals.

And since every other former Conservative is in the cabinet - it's save bet that's were he'll be if he actually wins!

At 25/9/05, Blogger Michael said...

ROFL, that is a funny way to put it. He won't win Charleswood-St.James away from Steven, but he is certainly on his way to a spiffy patronage appointment if the libs get another minority government.


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