Thursday, September 22, 2005

So how does Carol Jamieson explain the fact that the Conservatives have signed up 60,000 new members in three months and are fundraising at nearly four times the pace of the Liberals.

This is proof to me that Canadians and Conservatives are embracing Harper's leadership. (check out the top of my blog!)

Check out Stephen Taylor's summary.

And Joan Tintor who writes:

"Then Carol undercuts all she has just written, with her view that “the new Conservative Party of Canada had no chance of convincing the Canadian electorate that it was any different than the Canadian Alliance once it picked Stephen Harper as its first leader.” So Carol never supported Harper from the get-go and everything that has happened since has served to confirm that view. So where’s the news here?"


At 22/9/05, Blogger Mentok the Mind-taker said...

I don't know what it's going to take to drive the point home to Canadian conservatives that they will win more elections by showing discipline and loyalty than by indulging in the freak-out du jour. You would think 15 years of pointless, self-defeating civil war would drive the point home, but I guess not.

At 22/9/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are good at enforcing discipline. If you viciously swarm attack dissenters then no one will dissent.

I thought the CPC believed in grassroots democracy. Why can't CArol have an opinion? I hope she feels free to speak her mind despite these vicious attacks. We live in a democracy.

At 23/9/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opinons are like buttholes - we all have them and they all stink!

So Pale provides a defence to Carol's attack and now we are against grass roots democracy?

Take the blue pill, dude!

Joe Lemarde

At 23/9/05, Anonymous pale said...

Am I allowed to have an opinion about your opinion about his opinion about her opinion?


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