Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Liberal Minister Violated Code of Conduct

Wow ... how many times do these guys get to violate the conflict of ethics guildelines they brought in AND ran an election on!

"Former Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Robert Nault is reportedly in an apparent violation of a federal code of conduct.

A Winnipeg newspaper says Nault worked as a paid lobbyist for Nelson House First Nation.

A report filed with the federal Government by Nault showed he lobbied the very department he headed until December of 2003.

Nault registered as a lobbyist for Nelson House 19 months after leaving his cabinet post.

The federal code for public office holders says Nault is barred from working for any entity which had significant dealings with his department for two years after leaving office."

I guess in the new Lieberano math 19 months equals 2 years - if you do not get caught!


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