Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Canada Ups Aid to Quake Region

Wow - we're up to 20 million.

So we offer up 300 grand - can't offer too much before we see what other countries are giving - that would be unCanadian. Two-get horribly embarassed when most countries offer up 100 time what we are. Three- do some quick polling on a number and - presto - 20 milion in aide.

Same steps were used for Louisiana and the Tsumani - is this in some secret Liberal red book somehere?


At 11/10/05, Blogger Pete said...

Don't be so cynical.

The intial 300 000 was just that, intial. Intial presupposes that more will come.

Today we are expected to hear that the UN is requesting 30 million (assuming USD) in aid. Canada is offering 20 million, that is close to 5% of what is thought to be needed over the next three months offered before these estimates were needed.

Everyone needs to cool down a bit and re-establish their connection with reality.

At 12/10/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

US intial amount was 50 million but who am I to quibble over such small amounts!

Joe Lemarde


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