Thursday, September 29, 2005

$10M in Our Tax $$ To Firm Linked to Paul Martin

The Earnscliffe Strategy Group, an Ottawa consulting firm with close political ties to Prime Minister Paul Martin, has received more than $10 million in federal government money since the Liberals took power, new documents show.

And another Ottawa polling firm that has sometimes worked with Earnscliffe received more than $61 million in the same period.

"When you look at numbers like that, those are astronomical," Conservative MP Dean Allison said yesterday. "Everyone knew that (Earnscliffe) was the prime minister's government in waiting. That is incredible. That's amazing."

That's my tax dollars~!


At 29/9/05, Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

No wonder the Liberals always seem to be doing good in the polls. I wonder why it is they are scared sh!#less about having an election?


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