Sunday, October 02, 2005

Serenity - Best Movie I've Seen This Year

... And, yes, that includes Star Wars!

If in doubt - check out the Rotten Tomatoes!

Best 2 line Review:

"Watching Serenity feels like watching the original Star Wars for the first time, or better yet, watching The Empire Strikes Back. Mal is a guy who would shoot Greedo first." Fred Topel


At 3/10/05, Anonymous Shabbadoo said... was a great movie.

I was somewaht surprised by who was killed off, but in a way being shocked increased the emotional attachment I felt for the rest of the characters.

At 9/10/05, Blogger greenlantern said...

I'm watching the series before seeing the movie, loved the series. Glad it's a great movie! Looking forward to it.


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