Monday, October 17, 2005

A Macleans Media Hack Wrote

Paul Wells wrote that us Conservatives "will want to get, or get translated, a copy of Monday's Le Devoir so you can read about your party's new Quebec wing: Separate organization; separate platform; separate war room in Ottawa; targeting Bloc ridings almost exclusively; with a message that's staunchly pro-Kyoto, agnostic on ballistic missile defence and unwilling to rekindle the debate over gay marriage."

What, we have an inclusive party that accepts many different views? An Alberta Conservative, an Ontario Conservative and Quebec Conservatives will have different views on these and many other issues - and Paul Wells is suprised about this?

An not to mention the scary "separate organization" - well it seems the Liberals have a completely separate organization in Quebec - at least that's what they are telling Gomery!


At 17/10/05, Blogger Les Mackenzie said...

It's hard for some to accept diversity of thought - a sad fact.

At 17/10/05, Blogger Robert McClelland said...

What, we have an inclusive party that accepts many different views?

Really eh. Doesn't Wells understand that some CPers think gay marriage is an abomination while other's simply think it's the devil's work.

At 17/10/05, Blogger zod said...

Hey, Pale, your blog has hit the big time! Robert McClelland has left a comment on yer blog ;)

At 17/10/05, Blogger Robert McClelland said...

Wow, that's really sad if you measure his success by whether or not I comment here.

At 17/10/05, Anonymous pale said...

What Robert does not want mentioned is the fact that only one national party had a free unwhipped vote in the House of Commons on the issue of same sex marriage - the Conservative Party.

This is the minimum we should expect in a free and democratic country like Canada. This was not a political issue, it was a social issue used for political gain by the Lieberanos.

For the record I'm all for same sex marriage - if they are stupid enough to get married they are welcome to it ;-p !

P.S. I measure success by anyone commenting here!


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