Thursday, November 10, 2005

Delayed Election

So the plan to call for an election in January was immediately questioned by constitutional experts, who pointed out that the Prime Minister would be under no obligation to comply.

The question should be which Prime Minister - Martin or Harper?

Vote non-confidence in the Liberals but confidence in the Conservative-NDP-Bloc block. Then Prime Minister Harper would have the confidence of the house. Pass some motions that all 3 can agree on - like an ethics package. Also, all 4 leaders could sit in the native and health conferences.

Prime Minister Haper then goes to the Governor General to call for an election on the prefered dates.

Mission accomplished!


At 10/11/05, Blogger Paul MacPhail said...

That sounds like the best plan yet, but I fear that if the CPC passed the ethics act that voters would claim that there's no need to vote for them again.

At 10/11/05, Anonymous pale said...

They could do the Liberal trick and pass it in the comons then go for the election and say vote for us so we can reintroduce this and get it through!

At 14/11/05, Blogger greenlantern said...

Beautiful! I'm stopping by more often.


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