Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rick Mercer Attacked!

Rick Mercer has been attacked by flying rubber discs - check out the shocking footage (Windows Media).

I am officially denying any knowledge and was out of the city when the attack took place!


At 9/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are safe, Pale.

The man in black resembles Steve Harper ...

Joe Lamerde

At 9/11/05, Blogger Zorpheous said...

Ok, now that some funny shit.

I think that was the whole point, shit it may have even Stephen Harper doing a guest spot.

At 9/11/05, Blogger Christian Conservative said...

100% no doubt about it, it was The Honourable Stephen Harper alright.


At 9/11/05, Blogger Sierra said...

that was great!!! Almost makes me want to watch CBC once in awhile...



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