Thursday, October 27, 2005

Liberal Bloc Alliance Rejects Hospital Bid

Previous posted about the private members bill here.

Turns out the Liberals and Bloc ganged up to defeat the motion 165-110. The hospital pays $23,000 annually in rent. Nepean-Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre presented a bill to have it reduced to $1. Another issue is thaty the lease is up in 8 years and will be based upon a "market vlaue assessment" which could mean anything considering it's on greenbelt land. A very unsure future.

The Queensway-Carleton is the only hospital in Canada that pays rent to the federal government.

Sad to see the Bloc rejecting a bill that only affects Ontarions but the Liberals - great defenders of health care that they are - voting this down is pretty stupid. This will be an issue in the next election and could well affect the Liberals votes in the many ridings that are served by this fine hospital.


At 27/10/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think being Ottawa's english hospital has something to do with it? Would the Montfort get this treatment? Hmmmm....

At 28/10/05, Blogger v said...

The Liberals have given up on Ottawa/Gatineau, see plans for 40,000 public service layoffs. Catterall's riding is going to Baird, Ottawa-Orleans is in play, even Ottawa Centre and Ottawa South are possible CPC pickups. The Outaouais is poised to go BQ; not looking good for the Liberals.


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