Thursday, October 27, 2005

Official Dingwall Retraction

While the resemblance in uncanny, the Liberal in the right in Funny Liberal Pics Part 4 -Dingwall and Mahoney may not be David Dingwall - even though he appears to be chewing gum.

Since David has been cleared of expensing said gum and a Liberal would not purchase anything they could not expense, it could be another Liberal.

Dingwall tried to expense the gum but it was disallowed because it's against the rules as he gets a $20 per diem while travelling. So it could be him.

I have engaged the accounting and audit firm of Wea, Skewm, and Howe to investigate this matter.

For my penance for leaping for conclusions, I will not mention - for the rest of the month - that Dingwall is still under investigation for a $300,000 "non-lobby lobby" payment scheme


At 27/10/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian "I resent you" Pallister should apologize. His performance was a disgrace.

At 27/10/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two audits in no way exonerates Dingwall or the party. The Mint's board is made up of Lie-beral's and it's their expenses policy that's in question here.Let us also see the complete list of expenses claimed, including disallowed claims.
Only when the Lie-beral's are not the government anymore will we see the breathtaking scope of their theft of taxpayer dollars.
Federal and Provincial Liberal Parties exist only to enrichen their party faithful at the expense of all Canadians.


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