Saturday, November 12, 2005

Young Liberals ...

Try to grow up a little! From Christina Blizzard.

"A retired cop is furious that a recent convention of young Liberals in Windsor turned into a boorish boozefest that kept him awake until the wee hours of the morning.

London resident Paul Chaytor says drunken revellers pushed him, swore at him and consumed alcohol in an elevator during a young Liberal convention on Oct. 22."


At 12/11/05, Blogger ferrethouse said...

Someway or another I bet taxpayers paid for their boozefest - probably in the name of national unity.

At 14/11/05, Blogger ainge lotusland said...

i got very drunk at a conservative pub night. it was fun. i even got to keep an ernie eves poster. i walked down bank street in ottawa with it and my friends and i knocked on all the restaurant windows and showed it to all the pissed off patrons. then we stuck it in some ndp guys room, which was hilarious.

the moral of the story is that drunk, dumbass college kids will be drunk, dumbass college kids. dont even try to score political points with this one.


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