Monday, May 23, 2005

Silence of the Liberals

Does the dinner between Paul Martin and Belinda Stonach not remind you of a Hannibal Lechter movie?

Lets start with the scene – an old mansion on the Ottawa River.

Next, the menu - veal medallions, toasted pecans, spring turbot, home pickled onions and young cucumbers. For dessert they had chocolate semifreddo, mango terrine, Valrhona chocolate mousse and brandy snap. It was all washed down with a respectable sauvignon blanc and a cabernet merlot.

Paul Martin sits bolt upright in his leather clad throne chair. He regards his interviewee, Belinda Stroanch, with a mixture of pity, curiosity and that perplexing dilemma of not knowing whether the meat you see in the shop window will be tender or stringy after an hour at gas mark 5.

That's all I have for now. Anyone want to continue the story in the comments or on their blog?