Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NDP oppose hospital funding

This headline will not appear on the CBC ... apparently the NDP believe money grows on trees!

The health critic for the Ontario NDP called on the Ontario Liberals to immediately divulge financial details on the ReNew Ontario plan, which gives $30 billion for the development of public facilities, including Montfort's makeover. While it was reported that most of the money would be funded through direct investments by the province, about 10% was to come from alternative financing sources.

Ohhhh! Private financing! Scary!


At 27/7/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would think the fact that private companies believe they can run and administrate the same services and still make a good enough profit to warrant investment that we should be wondering where all of the current money is going in the publicly run system. Thats a whole lot of overhead.

I guess the NDP think we should all suffer in exactly equal amounts, unless you get benefits arbitrated through your union of course.


At 27/7/05, Blogger WE Speak said...

Hah! Just ask Buzz Hargrove how long he waited for an MRI and knee surgery. Can you say a whole 48 hrs? For both.

Equal - yah right.


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