Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good advice?

Check out this article.

"The hard evidence provided by the Gomery Enquiry has given the Conservatives the opportunity in both Parliament and the public square to deliver to voters the message, "Don't trust the Liberals." Likewise, when the Liberals allege the Conservatives have "a hidden agenda" they are saying, "Don't trust the Conservatives." But, unlike the Conservatives they have no single focus for their claim which is, therefore, more in the nature of a collective ad hominem attack on the Conservative party. The Liberal's goal is almost certainly to elicit a generalized fear of the Conservatives among voters in relation to social-ethical values issues and a belief that the Conservatives cannot be trusted on these issues—a tactic that, according to pollsters, had dramatic impact in causing initially undecided voters in the last federal election, who late in the election campaign had decided to vote Conservative, to switch their vote to Liberal on their way to the ballot box."


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