Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So much for Global Warming ....

So the polls say that most people think it is global warming that caused the warm weather in Ottawa this July!

Turns out that the it war hotter in July 1955 than now. Yes, it was hotter 40 years ago, back before gullible people started believing in this global warming propaganda!


At 3/8/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that explains why the Liberals keep winning.... the majority of Canadians are gullible. :-p


At 3/8/05, Anonymous Shane said...

Funny, they aren't reporting polls on agreement with SSM in the same light are they?

If they reported polls on SSM the way they report polls on global warming, this country would be a different place. It all depends on if the poll is saying what they want you to understand.


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