Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well duh!

CFRA has a poll qustion on Dalton today.

"The McGuinty Liberal gov't has succeeded in reaching 4 yr. labour agreements by accepting teacher demands. Should the gov't now ensure Ont. taxpayers receive annual reports on student test scores? (The next report is not scheduled until 2008, 1 yr. after the next election)"

At least the radical right wing listenership of CFRA is going for a big yes on this one. Kinda of a no brainer - too bad it will never happen!


At 6/9/05, Blogger Les Mackenzie said...

*sarcasm* absolutely not! Why would a teachers work performance need and sort of scrutiny. Who cares if our children are a bunch of dumbasses?*sarcasm*

Yeah - the Union has McGuinty over a barrel. When was the last time a leader stood up to unions?

At 7/9/05, Blogger Robert McClelland said...

Yearly reports would cost 4 times as much as a report every 4 years and would accomplish nothing. You rubes are being awfully free with my tax dollars just so you can have some meaningless ammo to shoot at your political opponents.

At 7/9/05, Blogger "Expert" Tom said...


So we should just take their word for it that everything is going ok? I get performance evaluations every quarter. To think that we should not have any type of measurement on the performance of our educational institutions is quite 'Rube-ish' if you ask me. Is it better to 'waste' your tax dollars on 3 estra reports in a four year cycle or on a broken education system?


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