Sunday, September 11, 2005

Martin monitoring gas prices?

But he does not know how!

"Martin has put the petroleum companies on notice that he is making sure the price of gasoline keeps pace as the cost of crude oil drops

While he didn't say how he'll monitor the price at the pumps, Liberal Cabinet Minister Jacques Saada said the federal cabinet is drafting a plan."

I'll give away the secret to monitoring gas prices - when you actually pay for your own gas - you drive by these thing called "Gas Stations" and they have these sign things with the price per litre of the gas they are selling!

Another method would be to fill the gas tank and then notice that- hey - it used to cost me 25 dollars to fill up, now it cost 38.50. Hmmm, the gas price has gone up. No luxuries like Timmy's coffee this week!


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