Monday, September 26, 2005

This blog supports Paul Martin!

Following the lead of the anti-conservatives (see this, this, this and this).

Update: Looks like John Manley, Martin Cauchon, Joe Volpe, Maurizio Bevilacqua, and Scott Brison do not have faith in Paul Martin's leadership and are actively organizing leadership bids!
End Update.

This blog supports Paul Martin for the leadership of the Liberal Party! Paul Martin started with a massive majority and went on to completely blow it.

I mean only he can come up with is a minority government against an angry, scary guy with a secret agenda whose party is supposedly against him!

We have more scandals under Paul Martin's leadership, than any other leader in Canadian history - adscam, health care fraud, gun registry fraud, technology fund payoffs, drivers escorting cabinet ministers all over the world. But what does Dithers do about it - absolutely nothing.

The best candidates the Liberal's can come up with are former Conservatives. They must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel in terms of actual Liberals.

With this kind leadership, the Liberals can only go up!


At 26/9/05, Blogger alsocanadian said...

He kinda makes me miss the little guy from Shawinigan...

At 26/9/05, Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

2 things.

First, and this requires you to dig into your memory, Paul Martin authorized candidates to build leadership bid networks last year as long as they kept the race quiet. If I feel ambitious enough later I will find the appropriate links to show you this. This isn't a quiet revolt but rather people preparing to run for leadership should Mr. Martin not lead the ten years he said he wants to.

2. Mr. Martin's record as finance minister was exemplarary. Under his watch (and this is just a short list of the highlights), the defecit was cut, $36 billion was paid down on the debt, the National Child Tax Benefit was created, money was committed to new investment in social programs once the fiscal situation allowed for it, unemployment is at its lowest level in decades, interest rates are low, and Canada has had the best fiscal performance of any other G8 nation in the last few years thanks to Mr. Martin's initiatives.

Mr. Martin came up with a minority thanks to a scandal created by allies of Mr. Chretien. Mr. Martin's lack of success is largely caused by the shadow of Mr. Chretien's scandals more than his own performance. Granted, Mr. Martin has not performed well as head of a minority government, but then again, the political atmosphere has been sour to say the least and the focus of most parties has been on the scandal, forcing the government to act to deal with it rather than run the country as they would like.

In the case of Mr. Harper, his problems have been created by he himself. The views that he has expressed in the past coupled with his dismal performance as party leader, terrible relationship with the past, and the inability to prove that he does not have a hidden agenda have hurt him. His problems are of his own making, Mr. Martin's, while some of his problems being his own, has been largely dealing with problems left by his predecessor.

They are two very different situations.

PS. Since when does spending $10,000 to bring one's chauffeur on two trips constitute a scandal? Here again is another example of why the Tories will fail. Too much focus on small government waste that occurs regardless of which party is in power, rather than focusing on vision and policy (which yes the Tories have but was overshadowed by Mr. Harper's incompetence). In addition, whining about unfair press rather than trying to build a positive relationship with the press will only draw more bad press. Good luck in the next election, you'll need it (and a new leader which I hope you won't have).

At 26/9/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maritime Liberal is really Scott Reid!! I mean who else would still stick up for this lame-duck leader? I must give the Liberal Party credit, they know when to keep their mouths shut about party matters. Almost any Liberal not being directly paid by PMPM wants him gone and yet the only ones to speak out are people who are so disgusted they had to leave the party.


At 26/9/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maritime Liberal -

Remember Eggleton? The Minister of Defence who gave a $36,500 untendered contract to his former mistress who was dropped from Cabinet. Why focus on the billions when it's the thousans that will drop these clowns.

Martin has been the leader for almost 2 years - so the blame Chretien line runs very hollow!

Martin record of fiscal managemnt tails nocely with the health care problems now - rember how much he cut from health care. Rember how cut the cheques for the firearm boondogle, HRDC scandal?

Take off your rose colored glasses man!

Joe Lemarde

At 26/9/05, Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

I posted just as blogspot seemed to crash for an hour. It seems my comment didn't get through before that. I'll post it again later.

At 29/9/05, Blogger Socialist Swine said...


That's the spirit! It's about time that we made partisanship fun again. And you're right Paul Martin is, in my opinion the best Liberal leader for all non-Liberals. I'm not with you for all your claims of fraud but he is a dithering, blundering conservativesque leader without much vision that isn't stolen from the NDP.

-Socialist Swine

At 29/9/05, Blogger Socialist Swine said...

P.S. Then again if he wants to push through NDP policy for us, who am I to say "no"? Yes, Paul Martin is a very good Liberal leader for non-Liberals.

At 20/5/10, Blogger 鐵火卷John said...



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