Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dalton McGuinty Says Ministers Should Pay

"Nothing inspires me more than the opportunity to combat the cynicism that far too many people feel about Ontario politics," wrote Dalton McGuinty, then leader of the opposition, in the preamble to the Liberal platform.

Dwight Duncan quote from his days in opposition: "Yesterday we learned that Tory ministers and their assistants will go to the ends of the Earth and back, as long as they can charge the taxpayers for it."

So the Liberals said they promised to draw the line on ministerial expenses - in their election platform 2 years ago!

They are only doing something about now that their hands are caught in the Steak and Candy jar ... and only issueing a "memo" at that. How about banning the practice!

I do like John Tory's idea of a website to disclose all cabinent minister's expenses and; furthermore, think this should be done federally as well.


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