Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gomery Spin Part 3 - Ye Olde Trail Ballon

Here is the classic float a trail ballon spin tactic in action!

First, the balloon, Report says Gomery will blame Chr├ętien loyalists.

"The report also predicts that Prime Minister Martin will be cleared of any responsibility, bolstering his claim that he was out of the loop because of his tense relationship with Chr├ętien."

Now the quick check to see if the spin will take hold, check how it is reported, and poll Candians.

Can't leave that balloon out too long, who know where it will end up. Next the prick -
Gomery spokesman dismisses leak of commission's final report into ad scandal. And done!

There you are : Float a balloon to see how gullible Canadians are and quickly pop it to keep it under the radar for the actual release in 2 weeks.

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