Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Liberals Hit With Fresh Scandals

"The virus of Liberal entitlement, rot and corruption has spread into the department of unlimited spending," said Tory MP Jim Prentice.

Here's the list for yesterday:

-A spending scandal in the Fisheries Department that has included the firing of two civil servants.

-A contract awarded by the Indian Affairs Department on the condition that an outside consultant leave no paper trail.

-Whether the prime minister's office guaranteed David Dingwall a severance package last month before he resigned as head of the Royal Canadian Mint amid yet another ethics scandal.

- A series of $100-plus pizza dinners Immigration Minister Joe Volpe placed on his expense account.

Steve Harper asked:"Why, nearly two years after the auditor general condemned this practice in the sponsorship scandal, does the government still award contracts with no proper audit paper trail?"

The Liberal answer? ... still waiting!


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