Tuesday, November 22, 2005

PM's Canadian Shipping Lines Polluting the Great Lakes

Do the Right, Honourable thing, Mr. Prime Minister:
Stop polluting our drinking water!

Article and Petition

h/t Warren Kinsella


At 22/11/05, Blogger v said...

Kinsella to Pale
Much like Spezza to Heatley
Nicely done, old chap.

At 22/11/05, Blogger Zorpheous said...

Ths is nothing but a bs issue. Seriously, first iron ore pellets are not toxic, they just rust. Second, the ammount of "spillage" of all the Great Lake Lake Iron Ore freighters would fill even on cargo hold. Next do know how many vessels have gone down in the Great Lakes carrying Iron Ore, and that stuff is still there, rusting away.

Now if this was an issue of gray water dumping, bilge dumping or trash dumping, then it would be an issue.

The CPC needs to stick to the real issues.

At 22/11/05, Anonymous pale said...

"Seriously, first iron ore pellets are not toxic, they just rust"

Yeah, I know - C02 is not toxic - it's just plant food - so why do I have to reduce it?

At 22/11/05, Blogger Zorpheous said...

Do you seriously need me to answer that stupid question?

At 22/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Zorph - these guys think that it is a legitimate question - but they are only Professors of Climatology, Research scientists, Associate Professors, and Meteorologists.

There are no stupid questions - just stupid people.

Joe Lamerde


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