Thursday, November 24, 2005

Secret Agenda Discovered

In a shocking twist, the Globe and Mail was leaked a copy of the Top Secret Conservative Hidden Agenda from last May - probably by a Liberal Investigative Arranger of Records. (L.IA.R. for short).

Unfortunately, most of the good ideas in the Hidden Agenda have been stolen and implemented but the same Liberals.

For example, the document says that the Tories would reduce by one point the percentage that the middle-income bracket is taxed, a move that would save taxpayers $4.9-billion by the year 2009. In the most recent mini-budget, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announced an identical 1-per-cent cut, as well as a matching cut to the lowest bracket.

Similarly, the Liberals announced an expansion last week of programs aimed at easing the financial burdens faced by postsecondary students. The Conservative proposal advocates adding $250-million to the Student Loan Program.


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