Friday, November 25, 2005

Liberal M.P.'s dropping like flies?

HawkWatch2 is compiling a list of Liberal's who wont be running this time around. He's looking for help to be able to come to an exact number. Please add to the comments on his post or send him an email if you know of a Liberal M.P.'s who is sitting this one out.

List so Far
David Anderson
John Efford
Claudette Bradshaw
Marlene Catterall
Rose Marie Ur
Don Boudria
Peter Adams
Pat O'Brian
Jerry Pickard
Carolyn Parrish
Paul DeVillers


At 25/11/05, Blogger Paul MacPhail said...

11 down, 297 to go.

At 25/11/05, Blogger ferrethouse said...

Rose Marie Ur! That is great news. She opposed gay marriage and was prolife. She was also Dutch in a riding that was very Dutch. She only won by 100 votes last time and without her the Liberals WILL lose that riding.

At 25/11/05, Blogger Lord Kitchener's Own said...

We are clear though that since all Liberals are corrupt (it's genetic) that whoever replaces these people as Liberal candidates are corrupt, even if they've never been in politics before.

I mean, just because you weren't around during AdScam doesn't make you innocent right? Even if an independent judicial enquiry exonerates you, you still must be guilty of SOMETHING. I mean, their election signs are red for Pete's sake.


Remember people, the party enlisted gangsters to systematically break every conceivable law in the province of Quebec. Every law in the whole province. WITH THE HELP OF MOBSTERS!!!

Personally, I can't wait for the push to strip all members of the Liberal Party of Canada of their Canadian citizenship. Why it hasn't been introduced yet is beyond me.

At 25/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, you are starting to make sense, Lordy!

Joe Lamerde

At 25/11/05, Blogger Lord Kitchener's Own said...

That's it?

No one's going to tear into me for my sarcasm? No one's going to point out that I shouldn't be making fun of the fact that Big Paulie and his ruffians are running the country, and breaking laws against incorrectly coloured margarine and english-only signs?

How disappointing.


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