Monday, May 30, 2005

Secret Agenda Implementation

Canadians seem to be convinced that is not Stephen Harper's secret agenda that they fear but the secret agenda of the Conservative Party. Well, we can't let this secret agenda go to waste - we are going to have to implement it.

First, we need a majority because this agenda must so evil that none of the other parties will vote for it. So that's 60 more seats (with most 40-50 coming from Ontario and Toronto - that's the only way to win that number of seats). Of course, we'll have to brainwash the new recruits to get them to follow along!

O.k. Secret Agenda passes the commons now on to the Senate. Whoops! There seems to be a problem here. Check out those numbers! Liberal's 64/105! Rest 34/105 with 7 vacant (wonder where they'll go). And 5 about to retire this year! Now we are in trouble ... there is no way we can pass the secret agenda with those numbers!

I call on the Conservative Party to announce that following:

Yes, we have a secret agenda (it's secret so we can not tell you what it is) but we will not be able to implement it until our third consecutive term at least. So no secret agenda until at least 2018. Until then we will be going with our announced agenda!


At 31/5/05, Blogger alsocanadian said...

So THATS why they wan't to abolish the Senate, eh!

At 31/5/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How will they bribe senators? Give them two senate seats maybe? Get that on tape. :-p



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