Tuesday, August 30, 2005

$418-thousand trip to Washington for Martin

Paul Martin's two day trip to Washington cost nearly 418-thousand dollars.

A report says 123-thousand dollars was spent on vehicle rentals alone.

The Prime Minister visited Washington in April 2004.

Documents show the government spent nearly 255-thousand dollars on accommodations and travel.

45 people joined Martin on the trip, not including his R-C-M-P security detail.

What - no security detail - isn't that the reason he "needs" the flying Taj Mahal - for security reasons?

Will it cost another 418 g's to kiss ass after the WTO ruling on softwood lumber?


At 30/8/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So for $418,000.00 as Canadians we could have:
-paid for about 5 police officers for a year in Toronto
-given 40 homeless families lodging for a year
-sent 40 kids to college for a year or more
-sponsored 1161 children in 3rd world countries for a year through World Vision
- i'm sure others can think of better examples.

The real question is what did we get out of the visit to Washington? And why did 45 people have to go?? It was you and me who paid for that trip- what benefit did we recieve? How are we any better off? Another example of using OUR money as if it was a company social slush fund. We hired them to manage our money effectively - if a private citizen managed anothers money this way, they would be in jail.

At 30/8/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake.

You guys bitch that Martin has a bad relationship with Bush and that he should talk to Bush. Then Martin visits Bush and you complain it cost money.

You guys are just partisan idiots.

No matter what the PM does you will bitch he should have done the opposite.

You Bloggingtories are hopeless.

At 31/8/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I want to talk to people, I use this cool device called the telemephony! It's much cheaper than flying!

Silly Lieberano!

At 31/8/05, Blogger "Expert" Tom said...

2nd anonymous, and you are a partisan idiot who will defend the PM no matter what he does.

Its totally within our discretion to want to know where our money has gone and what benefit we recieved for it. $123 000.00 is a little much for vehicle rentals for two days, don't you think?


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