Friday, November 18, 2005

Federal Bureaucracy Sick of Liberals Too!

A grim message came from former deputy minister Harry Swain, who said the federal bureaucracy is being driven to "breakdown" by unnecessary and costly rules brought in by Martin.

I warned about these bureaucrat fellows here.

Choice Quotes:

"Ridiculous and surreal impositions are raining on the public service from management theorists and politicians -- sometimes the same person -- seeking to bury Gomery"

"Two hundred and thirty-eight new rules, plus legions of comptrollers and auditors, will not prevent malfeasance if a prime minister decides that a higher cause justifies playing fast and loose with the rules."

"What it did, of course, was take tens of thousands of small businesses all across the country -- many of them owned by active and politically engaged citizens -- and tell them that they now had to slipstream some large company, a company which raised the little guy's prices by 15 to 30 per cent for the privilege of riding on its standing-offer coattails. Gosh, imagine Liberals inventing toll-gating."

Swain described as "silliness" Brison's plan to sell some, or all, of Ottawa's $3.5 billion in real estate holdings -- and then lease those buildings back. "And your people think their cubicles are small now," he joked, adding: "It's a slam dunk that the vapourish 'savings' that are apparently already booked cannot survive examination by rational people."

This "son-of-Public Works ... would be as efficient as Piggly-Wiggly but for the fact that they are unpractised in these new realms and hence take twice as long and cost three times as much."



At 18/11/05, Blogger Candace said...

I take it this guy has already retired with full pension, otherwise... But how funny that he would speak like that at a meeting of ADMs & bureaucrats. Do you think the organizers knew the content of his speech when they booked him? *snicker*

At 18/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like they are being bought off -

"Federal Public Servants are still filling their coffers with a richer fuel allowance.

Treasury Board President Reg Alcock says the generous mileage allowances that were reversed for MP's last month are still being given to federal civil servants.

A 10 per cent increase for mileage allowances was quietly enacted to offset skyrocketing fuel prices in the early fall.

Alcock acknowledges that he has been unable to reverse the allowance for off-Hill workers because it's part of their contracts. "

Joe Lamerde


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