Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tories, NDP to Support Liberal Tax Cuts

Paul Martin's plan of using retroactive tax cut may just backfire on him - by passing them and not allowing him to run a campaign on them!

CFRA reports "The Conservatives and the NDP both say they won't vote against the Liberals on any of the income tax reductions promised in Finance Minister Ralph Goodale's fiscal update on Monday.

A report says the Liberals will introduce a motion for a 500-dollar increase in the amount of money Canadians can earn before they pay tax as soon as possible. The government could also bring forward a bill to reduce the tax rate for the lowest income rate to 15 per cent from 16 per cent as early as today."

They then can keep this years tax cut while leaving things open for a budget after the election to adjust thing for 2006 and beyond - as the parties see fit - depending on the results of the election, of course.

Oooooops. There goes a plank from the Liberal election package. And since most people are blaming the Liberal brand for corruption - plank number two gone. Ship is taking on water - better be a good patcher.


At 16/11/05, Blogger Stephen Taylor said...

Thanks for catching this. This is a significant development in the election story.

At 16/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is HArper's plan? Will he some day tell us what he will do? Or is he just a classic Mulroney Tory and interested in the power?

At 16/11/05, Blogger Paul MacPhail said...

"Ship is taking on water - better be a good patcher"

Let 'er sink.

At 16/11/05, Blogger "Expert" Tom said...


Check out all the policy on the conservative website. I'm sure that they will go into much more detail when an actual election is called. They don't want the Liberals to steal all their ideas. They are thieves you know.

At 16/11/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I respect the above commnets. But please bear with me in my opinion on these tax cuts. I think Stephen Harper and all the leaders should vote against these tax breaks. People by now know the CPC support tax cuts and have for many years through many elections and of course will for years to come. But not tax breaks that are essentially
for the purpose of bribery. Another
way of looking at it is if someone offered you $10,000 except that he
robbed a bank to get the money. The only way Harper should except these tax cuts is if the other Opposition leaders except them. Even then I'm not sure.

At 16/11/05, Blogger Reg said...

Anyone standing in the way of a tax cut when a government is looking at $55B in surplus over the next five years would be committing politcal suicide.

At 18/11/05, Blogger Candace said...

Regarding the tax cuts, let's take a look at that for a second. They are raising the amount you can earn without being taxed by... $500???? What difference will that make to the average taxpayer? $25? $50? Alternatively, voting AGAINST it sounds petty.

Besides, from what I understand as soon as a Finance Minister tables personal tax cuts, particularly this late in the year, they are incoporated immediately (the forms are being built as we speak so they can be printed & available by Jan 1); voting AGAINST them would actually cost MORE to the taxpayers as the forms would have to be reprinted, likely in "Rush" (eg expensive) mode.


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