Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tapes what Tapes?

Take away all the conversations between Grewal and Dosanj. PMO Tim says the most damaging portions and those parts are undisputed and in English - well politician which is kinda like English.

Peter says it best :

"(It's) an attempt to discredit what was said on the tapes," said Tory deputy leader Peter MacKay.

"For proof as to whether the prime minister and the government are capable of this he only has to swivel his head in his seat and take a look at his cabinet.

"And take a look at the number who have crossed the floor for either cabinet positions or parliamentary secretary positions."


At 3/6/05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tapes? What Tapes? These are not the tapes you are looking for. Move along.

Jedi mind tricks I tell you!!!



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